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Referrals, word-of-mouth, and members-only events to facilitate growth for SMEs and Corporates.
HBBA events provide exciting and exclusive opportunities for business start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs to make connections and through trusted relationships, penetrate new markets and grow successful businesses globally. HBBA is honoured to be a welcome guest at the Hungarian Embassy in London where we run regular high-profile private business networking events, and prestigious, VIP members only parties, presentations and masterclasses.
Our events are geared towards accelerating sustainable growth for our partners without cross-cultural barriers. We want to help our clients to develop a capacity to set up, invest and expand in the UK and overseas, extend their connections worldwide and fuel international trade.
We maximise opportunities at our high-profile business networking events, by promoting our members and putting them in the public eye. In doing so, we furnish them with opportunities to grow their international network as well as provide a social element for them to enjoy. HBBA Business events are never boring! They are characterised by a refreshing blend of hospitality and fun together with our corporate purpose, which is ultimately to make new connections and strengthen existing relationships for business gain. We make memories whilst doing memorable business!

Upcoming events

February 28th:  The 80 Most Successful Businesses in 2023. Mastermind & Networking

March 29th:  Top 10 Tips on Do’s & Dont’s at Networking Events

April 18th:  Embracing Technology and Understanding the Tech Ecosystem in the UK and Central Europe Mastermind & Networking

April 26th 10.00-12.00:  Lessons In High Performance

May 10-11th:  London Business Trip

31st May:  Going From Surviving To Thriving In Business And Beyond

June 14th:  Jazz & Soul Concert & Networking

June 28th:  International Showcases Online Networking Guest:

July 18th:  Summer Rooftop Business Networking

September 13th:  Green Skills & The Pathway to Net Zero Mastermind & Networking

October 4th -5th:  Budapest Business Trip – Breaking The Boundaries of Innovation

November:  Wine Lovers’ Club & Networking

November 22nd: Health & Wealth In Focus in Harley Club

December 12th:  Christmas Dinner at the Embassy of Hungary in the United Kingdom

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  • VIP, members-only summer garden parties in prestigious venues in London and Budapest.
  • High-profile business networking events for members in the Embassy of Hungary in London such as presentations and classes

  • Members-only events to facilitate growth for SMEs and Corporates.

  • Exclusive events at the Hungarian Embassy in London every quarter

  • Business trips to Budapest

  • Online Mastermind events.

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