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Offering members opportunities to make connections, build trusted relationships and grow successful businesses, globally.
HBBA are delighted to announce our next level of membership, support and marketing opportunities to strengthen the fantastic business opportunities between Hungary and the UK. We believe that in 2023 and beyond, members’ success stories will start and scale through the relationships they build. Your net worth is ultimately linked to your network. So HBBA are excited to launch a series of membership opportunities designed for business people with ambition and standing in the marketplace. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a start-up disruptor, this is the place for you.
Creating international opportunities for your business brings with it several unknowns. That is why having a team to support your dream helps to remove any limitations, enabling you to reposition yourself from being a local player to being a protagonist on the world stage.

Our experienced team have travelled the globe, connecting with the brightest minds and carry with them a wealth of international business networking experience. So, if you want to grow your business, scale your presence, and widen your influence within the marketplace, HBBA creates the perfect pathway into fresh markets.

We make it our mission to help people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds win in life and business by creating multiple entry points into a brave new world of international business relations. Together we make valuable connections and build prosperous bridges.
We take a sustainable approach to business and strive to be transparent with all our valuable partners. We provide members with opportunities to raise their company’s profile and strengthen their competitiveness in the UK and international market through various events, publications, and insights.
Our goal is to help you establish opportunities for international and regional partnerships through connections with business services both from experienced HBBA members and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, along with special offers and discounts.

If you are passionate about international business networking and have the drive and commitment to energise, engage and inspire others, we are your people. What you get from us is open, honest, ethical and genuine people looking to help you flourish beyond the UK and Hungarian shores.

Our Membership Packages

Please note: The HBBA is a private membership organisation where only one person may attend a single networking event to see whether they would like to join this exclusive members’ network.


  • 10 online networking events with keynote speakers
  • 20-30% discount on the events tickets
  • Company logo on our website


  • HBBA prides itself in offering "Member Only" benefit events and introductions to hard-to-meet industry movers and shakers!
  • Have access to 10 Networking, Mastermind events per year including:
  • Min. 2 international business trips per year
  • 1 Free Mentoring section from HBBA Experts, Advisors
  • 4 high-profile, VIP events at the Embassy of Hungary including presentations, key-note speaker slots, panels
  • Business matchmaking at the most appropriate business level
  • Facilitation for SMEs and Corporates
  • Gateway to the global business for members through our branches (Hungarian And Scottish Business Alliance)


  • Includes bronze benefits plus...
  • Company logo on all social media marketing
  • Company logo on HBBA website, link to their website
  • 15-minute keynote speaker slot on stage at the event
  • Event Sponsor


  • Includes bronze and silver benefits, plus...
  • Be a part of our exclusive mastermind group for industry leaders
  • Attend 5 mastermind events per year at exclusive venues and restaurants in the City of London.
  • Receive complimentary food and drinks, network within the inner circle of business entrepreneurs from various business categories


  • Includes bronze, silver and gold benefits with the following exclusive
  • CEO mentoring and coaching programme
  • Personal mentoring from billion-dollar company exec / best-selling author
  • Exclusive membership of Mastermind Alliance
  • 12 one-to-one coaching in-person sessions
  • Quarterly online audience with global business icons
  • Monthly themed personal development tasks


  • Includes Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum benefits with the following exclusive
  • HBBA will organize a Mastermind & Networking event in the City of London in an exclusive venue to provide YOU with an opportunity to be the VIP Keynote Speaker and promote your company. The guests (approx. 50 -70 UK business leaders) will have an opportunity to understand your products.
  • A class-leading exclusive program designed to enrich and grow all business and personal development aspects. Join a club of like-minded people on a journey of learning, experience and fun as we take the time to nurture our most important asset: YOU!
  • Your company will feature on the HBBA website as a brand sponsor with a link to your company’s website.
  • Your Mentor will do quarterly reviews of your business
  • HBBA will invite you to high-level business events in London with your target audience whom he wants to meet in UK Europe or worldwide.
  • HBBA can arrange the invitation to Sir Richard Branson's Event at his home on Necker Island for 1 week, where you will meet with over 100 businesses. This is a strict invitation business tour.

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