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Find out how start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs are building high-quality business relationships through our networking group and with them a lifetime of opportunity in the UK, Hungary and throughout Central Europe.
Too many business people have stories to tell of a lonely struggle, of being let down, or having their trust betrayed in the corporate world. That’s why we believe that, for pioneers, joining an exclusive, international networking peer group of business leaders with shared values, goals and mindset allows you to build trusted relationships which yield lasting business gain. Essentially, it’s an opportunity to meet like-minded people and make lifelong friends as we all collaborate towards mutual success for our companies, organisations, and countries.
You too can take advantage of the opportunities for growth by having access to the information, education and high-profile networks the HBBA provides in the UK, Hungary and throughout Central Europe.

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Peter Wilcock, Non-Exec Chairman of the Hungarian British Business Alliance and Author of Camel in The Tent, hosts an inspiring series of conversations from the world of business and deal makers from London to Budapest and gives us an in-depth look on the life and business from a prestigious cast of guests.

With a roster of prestigious guests that shape the fabric of international business, Peter Wilcock and the HBBA take us to school again with lessons from the personal and professional life of those behind the main companies and institutions that shape the current market.

The largest asset manager in the world is not exactly a household name. Melanie Seymour reveals the cultural foundations which keeps such a huge global business true to its core values. We talk about mentors, how Melanie spots talent, and the big 3 questions she uses to keep the business on track. An inspirational conversation with some wonderful soundbites on how to remain authentic in a corporate world, and even how a backpack is the most important possession in life. And to top it all we put Melanie on a desert island with four of her favourite people!
Marco Rossi, Hungarian national football coach. Marco reveals how it felt to inflict England’s heaviest defeat since 1928 at Wembley, but also how fragile the line is between glory and failure. We go back to 1954 and discuss the greatest team never to win the World Cup, how his grandfather influenced his journey through life, and just who would he choose as his once in a lifetime dinner guests? Listen and find out, you may be surprised!
In this inaugural episode we are delighted to be joined by Dr Ferenc Kumin, Hungarian Ambassador to the UK. In this fascinating discussion we learn about the characteristics of Hungary itself, and what it takes to be a diplomat in the modern world. And the ambassador shares some advice he would have told his 15 year old self.



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